The Adventures of PurpleYogi and LittleYogi – I

I have an uncle who is really fun. He is funny, and some times talks in Gibberish. He loves meditation, and his name is PurpleYogi.

One day, monsters were attacking the city! PurpleYogi started looking for the monsters. Just when PurpleYogi found the monsters, LittleYogi was already there. LittleYogi was flying in the air when he was hit by one of the monsters. “I need to attack the monsters” said PurpleYogi. He started flying and went close enough to attack the monsters but he didn’t hit the monster he wanted to attack. He tried again but the monsters dodged it. PurpleYogi saw LittleYogi flying over to help him.

The monsters ran away and hid behind a building. LittleYogi used his monster detector to find the monsters. 1 hour, 15 minutes, and 30 seconds later, they found the monsters and then they battled them. At the end, only 1 monster was left but it ran away. 1 minute later, this last monster was found. The monster got hit once by PurpleYogi and once by LittleYogi. After they both attacked once, the monster was too hurt to attack so it was never seen again.

“Thanks”, PurpleYogi and LittleYogi said together. “I’ll see you soon”, said PurpleYogi. They said bye and went home.

The New Transformer

One day there were 4 transformers. Their names were Blades, Heatwave, Chase, and Bolder.


Once there was an emergency! Instead of them doing the mission, someone else did. And they didn’t know who.

They followed it threw the ground-bridge. Only two of them went through Just then there was an ACCIDENT!

The new mystery bot saved the day, before the car fell off the bridge.

After it was safe, that car went away, and it was being followed by those 2 rescue bots. Chase and Heatwave found it in a garage. All was well.

Rescue Bot Quickshadow

They wiped off the sand on the logo of the new mystery bot. It was another transfomer! It transformed! And it said, “I’m Quickshadow.”

They figured out who the mystery car-bot was!


                                             The End 🙂