Baseball, and the backyard

Today, I had baseball practice. I had to go to at 11:00. We got everything ready and went to the park that my team was at.

We did 3 things. The first thing we did was pass the ball to someone. That was the warm-up game. The second thing we did was practice catching the ball and throwing it to first base. We did that for about 10 minutes. The third thing we did was practice hitting the ball.

Then, the coach said that practice was over, so I got everything and went to my dad and waited for Arjun and Gabi. 2 minutes later, they came and we packed our stuff. We went to our car and put the things in the trunk. I put my baseball stuff in a green bag that held all of my baseball things.

Just before going home, we bought some stuff to eat from Mollie Stones. We bought soup, chocolate coins, ice cream, and some meat. It was a yummy steak that I am eating tonight. Then we went to the paying counter, payed for the stuff, went to the car and put everything in the trunk. Then we drove home.

At home, we had lunch. We had it in the backyard.We had chicken, rice, the soup and some orange slices. I liked the chicken wings the most. After lunch, I was really full so I walked around the yard for a bit.

Once I was less full, I wanted to try our new electric lawn mower. Everything was going well until the cord connecting the power system and the lawn mower broke into six pieces. I had to pick them all up. No one was helping and Arjun was watching me. I was sad because I was doing it all by my self. I learned that I should be careful with that machine.

After I finished picking them up and I had thrown it away, Gabi found mushrooms! We were going to take them out and throw them away when my dad called my name and brought me upstairs. He gave me the iPad and I started writing about what I did today.