Tad’s New Car

1. The day the car breaks down

Once upon a time,there was a kid named Tad. They always went for a drive.

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One day,the car broke down. “What happened to our  car?” Tad asked. “I believed it broke down he said. He took it to the repair shop.


2. The repair shop

The guy who worked there said, “This car does not work anymore, I  believe you can’t use this car any more”.


“OH NO, what do I do?”, said Tad”s dad.

“Go next door and they will give you a car.” “Okay” he said.


3. The new car

He went next door and found the car he liked.

”A Mazda!”, he said.

“Excuse me, can I have this car?!”

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The person who worked there said, ”Yes!’’ , and he gave him the key. It had an M for Mazda. He showed him how to use the car. He showed him how to turn on the car.

“All you have to do is push the key in. Remember, when there is a gas pump, you should fill gas.

“Okay!”, said Tad’s dad.

”Does it show the time?”

“Yes!”, said the guy who worked there.

“And the car is $1”, said the guy.


4 The only money he has

Tad’s dad was lucky, he had only 1 dollar left.

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He gave him the 1 dollar and drove the car all the way home.                        




                                                                                           the end