Why I like the Jonas Brothers

The first time I heard a song by the Jonas brothers was in my mom’s car. It was called Cool. The second one I heard was called Sucker. They were both good ones; but one day, I heard a song called Only Human. liked that the most. 

I was there!

Then, about a year after I heard Only human, I heard another really good song called Rollercoaster. That was better than Only Human. Only Human was boring then! One week later, I heard a song called Comeback. I liked that song also. 

I will now tell you the list of the songs I heard in order:

1 Cool  2 Sucker  3 Only Human 4 Rollercoaster  5 Comeback   


These are all the songs I know so far by the Jonas Brothers! Maybe you will listen to these songs one day, maybe even more than one. But even if you do listen to just one, I hope you enjoy it!

My 9TH Birthday Party

My 9th birthday party was at Sports House. I will tell you what I did.

First I drove to Sports House, and when I arrived, one of my friends had already got there, and I said hi to him. His name is Mason. Then I went to the jumpy house. A few minutes later, my friend Brian arrived.

Then my other friends arrived. My friend Aaron told me he got me a medium sized Nerf gun. Some of my other friends told me what they got me also. Finally, it was time to play Field Hockey. After 3 rounds, we played Dodgeball. My team won.

Then we had the cake. I got the first piece because I was the birthday boy.

On the cake were pictures of Bulbusoar, Charmander, and Squirtle. Also there was a toy Pikachu. When I finished my first piece of cake, I wanted more so I asked them for more, and they gave me another piece of cake. My dad and Gabi also ate the cake.

When I was done, I went to play. I went into the jumpy house again. I also played Tag inside there. Then I went into the other jumpy house. I jumped so much, I couldn’t move. Some of my friends had to leave. Mason was the last person to leave, and he was also the first person to arrive.

I had fun.

Mario versus Bowser

1. The new vehicles

Once upon a time there was this birthday. It was princess Peach’s. She was 50 years old.

Then an invisible creature came and stole the cake and the princess.WHERE IS SHE??!!!!!!!!!!????????

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Looked like the bad guys took her away. The Marios, Red-toad, Yellow-toad ,Blue-toad got to scan vehicales. Mario scaned  a race-car, Luigi scaned a compost truck, red-toad scaned a fire  truck,Yellow-toad scaned a taxi.  Blue-toad scanned a airplane.  Then they left the castle. Outside, they tried there vehicles. 


2. Using the vehicles

They used their vehicles to get to the castle. On the way, they found a gas station, they used it. 

Just then, they heard a tire pop! It was Mario’s ‘’Mama Mia I’m flat.’’ Said Mario.

 30686220 flat tire

Their wheels and wings needed a break.

3.The power ups

They didn’t have any weapons to battle the bad-guys. They were thinking that they should get power ups. They were hoping for hitting power up. 

Blue shell

They found power ups and they knew that they found slicers. The power up glittered in the sunlight. They had sharp and pointy cutters. They were blue.  If you said POWER UP AND ENERGIZE,it went into action.


4. We have found the castle

Just then they saw a giant castle. ”I think that is Bowser’s castle,” said the red-toad blue-toad and yellow- toad together, ”that is, Mama Mia!”

Peach s castle mario and luigi paper jam by banjo2015 d9lcc7c

They transformed into human mode. They walked through the leaves and found the castle.’’It looks even bigger,’’ said Mario.


5.The Battle

They entered and noticed that Bowser was there. And he looked cooler than before. ’’Lets battle Bowser!! They hit him 3 times. It didn’t even work!

’’You need 1 more hit to win;” said Bowser. ”Ha ha ha ha ha ha!” He blocked a wall.



Bowser e1432132174670 1940x1090


“I’m going to get him 1 more time.”said Yellow-toad.”Go go go go go”Everyone said.

Yellow-toad climbs up the wall, get’s to the perfect place, waits, times it, and jumps on Bowser!

That’s it for Bowser! Good guys win! YAY!


6. They find the cake

After that the look for the cake.They search everywhere. But it was nowhere.

Then Red-toad found a lever.

800px COLOURBOX4543695

”Guys I found something.

”Mama mia!’’ 


7. The Secret Door 

‘’Pull it.’’


He pulls it.

Gate s

”MAMA MIA!’’, yelled Mario. It was a secret door. “Wow,’’said Yellow toad. “Mama mia” yelled Mario.

“It’s a secret door.’’Said mario. 

8.  It’s The Princess,and The cake.

‘’It’s the princess and the cake’’said Luigi.’’Lets go get her.”



The Princess was alright. She was in a cage though. She needed help getting out.

‘’I hope Bowser is not there,’’ she said.”We killed him.’’ said Luigi.


9. The priness is out of the cage

They used all there strength to get her out of the cage. they could not get her out!

Bowser left the key here.

078568 blue jelly icon business key9

“The key is right there!’’ said Blue-toad. He went to get it. He unlocked the cage with it.



10. Back to the party

Mario Themed Birthday Party via Karas Party Ideas www KarasPartyIdeas com 39

Then they all went back to the party. They ate the cake and it was delicious! 

Happy birthday, princess Peach!




                                     The End