My Tahoe trip

     One day, my family took my brother and me to Tahoe. It took so long to get there. I brought my book with me. So did my brother, Arjun. He brought a Dog Man book. I brought Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick rules. It was so funny. When we arrived at Tahoe downtown, we drove to our airbnb that we would be staying at for the weekend. By then, I finished my book. When we got inside, we put our suitcases away and did what we needed to do, like cooking and showering. 

     On Saturday, we had our snowboarding class. When we arrived, we got our snowboards. Then, we went to the are that we would be learning to snowboard. We met our instructor when we were putting our snowboards on. His name was Gage. First, we rode the lift up to the top of the shorter mountain. Then, Gage told us that the first thing that we needed to learn was heel stop. I went first. I tried it. When I stopped, I fell. When my brother tried it, he also fell. We both learned a trick to stand up; to turn to our tummy and then stand up. It was easier that way. After doing a few more rounds of it, we went inside and drank hot cocoa. We told jokes while we were. We mostly told knock knock jokes. Then, we went out for snowboarding again. 

     After sometime of practice, I finally did it. I did it again. I did it again. The next time, I fell. The next time, I tried it but I fell. I tried it a few more times. I fell the first time; the second time I didn’t; the third time I did; and then the last time I didn’t. When we went back up the hill on the lift, I learned a new thing called the toe stop. Arjun was still doing the heel stop though. The heel stop was a thing where you are on a snowboard and you want to stop, you put your heels into the snow and stop the snowboard. The toe stop was the exact same thing except you use your heels. After practicing I figured how to do the heel stop. When we finished,  we had lunch and went went to our airbnb. 


     The next day, we went to the same place as the day before for skiing. We had a different instructor. While we were putting on our skis, we saw Gage. When we went outside, we found our instructor. This time, instead of going to the lift we were on the day before, we were on a different lift. It was on a different mountain. It was smaller than the one we were on the day before. Like the day before, we learned how to stop, but it was different that stopping while you are on a snowboard. We were supposed to make a triangle. It was easy to do, but when I fell, it was hard for me to stand up. My instructor helped me stand. When we stopped a few times, we went to the hill we went to the day before. We were doing the same thing we did at the smaller hill. We were practicing for a long time. Eventually, we got a break. My group were mostly sliding down the hill on our backs. After a few minutes, we continued our skiing practice. After 1 1/2 hour, we finished our class and we went to the spot where we waited for our parents. Gabi came and picked us up like the day before. We had lunch and went home.

     Hours later, our airbnb host showed us how to turn the fire place on. We had 3 Hershey bars, 2 packs of marshmallows, and 1 box of gram crackers. We made stores out of them. They were so good. 

     The next day, we packed up all of our stuff and went home. It took us the same distance, but on a different way to get home. We saw Lake Tahoe on our way. It was so cool. When we got back home, I felt tired. I felt like sleeping for a little while. This is what I did on my trip.



my trip to Oakland zoo

One day I went to Oakland. I did lots of things but I will tell you about going to the Oakland zoo. I had my camera with me so I took lots of pictures! 

First, I looked at the flamingos. I took a picture of them. Some of them were on 1 leg but some were on 2 legs. Then I went to the chimpanzees. there were 2 of them. I took a picture of one of there hands. It was cool. The next animal was in the territory right next to the chimpanzees. It was a parrot. it was just sitting on a log. there were so many trees. 

Next, I saw a lion. It was huge! I don’t remember how many lions there were. we also saw a black bear. It was brown, not black! Then, I saw tigers. There used to be 5, but now there are 4 tigers. 1died. they have names. I just can’t remember.  Then I saw giraffes. There were 6 of them. There were antelopes in there area. Then we went on a cable-car. I saw a lot of stuff after the trees cleared. You could even see Oakland airport. Then, I had lunch and everything else.


Then, saw a black bear. It was brown, not black! Also,there were non-stop animals! Then, we saw a show; an interesting show. There were 3 people running the show. They showed a ferret, and 2 snakes. They even gave people a survey fro do at the end of the show. Then, we saw the rest of the animals like the wolves and went home.

I think I had fun on my trip to the Oakland zoo. especially the cable-car!





                                                                                                                                                                                                                            THE END!                                                     


One day when I was in Prague, I was going to the subway station to buy tickets for the tram. We found the station and we looked for the ticket booth but then we realized that the station was CLOSED!!! Then we looked for another station to find tickets. It was near our hotel. We bought tickets and then went to to the tram station. We took tram 22. We got off at the eleventh stop after we got on.Then we walked to Petrin hill.

Then we got our tickets scanned and got into the cable car. At the top, we got off and went to the rose garden and had lunch. Then we went to the mirror maze. We needed to pay before we went into the maze.

We went in and walked through it but it was very, very confusing to go through it because of all the mirrors and when we made it out, we found the room with the crazy mirrors. We looked tall, fat, skinny, wavy, and all kinds of funny shapes!

Then we went through the maze to get out because the other door was closed. Then we went to the house of art.

We saw a lot of art. It was like the house was made out of art. It had 3 floors.

After that, we went back to our hotel by tram. Then we got of the tram and walked back to our hotel. We had so much fun. Then