Why I like the Jonas Brothers

The first time I heard a song by the Jonas brothers was in my mom’s car. It was called Cool. The second one I heard was called Sucker. They were both good ones; but one day, I heard a song called Only Human. liked that the most. 

I was there!

Then, about a year after I heard Only human, I heard another really good song called Rollercoaster. That was better than Only Human. Only Human was boring then! One week later, I heard a song called Comeback. I liked that song also. 

I will now tell you the list of the songs I heard in order:

1 Cool  2 Sucker  3 Only Human 4 Rollercoaster  5 Comeback   


These are all the songs I know so far by the Jonas Brothers! Maybe you will listen to these songs one day, maybe even more than one. But even if you do listen to just one, I hope you enjoy it!