my trip to Oakland zoo

One day I went to Oakland. I did lots of things but I will tell you about going to the Oakland zoo. I had my camera with me so I took lots of pictures! 

First, I looked at the flamingos. I took a picture of them. Some of them were on 1 leg but some were on 2 legs. Then I went to the chimpanzees. there were 2 of them. I took a picture of one of there hands. It was cool. The next animal was in the territory right next to the chimpanzees. It was a parrot. it was just sitting on a log. there were so many trees. 

Next, I saw a lion. It was huge! I don’t remember how many lions there were. we also saw a black bear. It was brown, not black! Then, I saw tigers. There used to be 5, but now there are 4 tigers. 1died. they have names. I just can’t remember.  Then I saw giraffes. There were 6 of them. There were antelopes in there area. Then we went on a cable-car. I saw a lot of stuff after the trees cleared. You could even see Oakland airport. Then, I had lunch and everything else.


Then, saw a black bear. It was brown, not black! Also,there were non-stop animals! Then, we saw a show; an interesting show. There were 3 people running the show. They showed a ferret, and 2 snakes. They even gave people a survey fro do at the end of the show. Then, we saw the rest of the animals like the wolves and went home.

I think I had fun on my trip to the Oakland zoo. especially the cable-car!





                                                                                                                                                                                                                            THE END!                                                     

Why I like the Jonas Brothers

The first time I heard a song by the Jonas brothers was in my mom’s car. It was called Cool. The second one I heard was called Sucker. They were both good ones; but one day, I heard a song called Only Human. liked that the most. 

I was there!

Then, about a year after I heard Only human, I heard another really good song called Rollercoaster. That was better than Only Human. Only Human was boring then! One week later, I heard a song called Comeback. I liked that song also. 

I will now tell you the list of the songs I heard in order:

1 Cool  2 Sucker  3 Only Human 4 Rollercoaster  5 Comeback   


These are all the songs I know so far by the Jonas Brothers! Maybe you will listen to these songs one day, maybe even more than one. But even if you do listen to just one, I hope you enjoy it!

Baseball, and the backyard

Today, I had baseball practice. I had to go to at 11:00. We got everything ready and went to the park that my team was at.

We did 3 things. The first thing we did was pass the ball to someone. That was the warm-up game. The second thing we did was practice catching the ball and throwing it to first base. We did that for about 10 minutes. The third thing we did was practice hitting the ball.

Then, the coach said that practice was over, so I got everything and went to my dad and waited for Arjun and Gabi. 2 minutes later, they came and we packed our stuff. We went to our car and put the things in the trunk. I put my baseball stuff in a green bag that held all of my baseball things.

Just before going home, we bought some stuff to eat from Mollie Stones. We bought soup, chocolate coins, ice cream, and some meat. It was a yummy steak that I am eating tonight. Then we went to the paying counter, payed for the stuff, went to the car and put everything in the trunk. Then we drove home.

At home, we had lunch. We had it in the backyard.We had chicken, rice, the soup and some orange slices. I liked the chicken wings the most. After lunch, I was really full so I walked around the yard for a bit.

Once I was less full, I wanted to try our new electric lawn mower. Everything was going well until the cord connecting the power system and the lawn mower broke into six pieces. I had to pick them all up. No one was helping and Arjun was watching me. I was sad because I was doing it all by my self. I learned that I should be careful with that machine.

After I finished picking them up and I had thrown it away, Gabi found mushrooms! We were going to take them out and throw them away when my dad called my name and brought me upstairs. He gave me the iPad and I started writing about what I did today.


One day when I was in Prague, I was going to the subway station to buy tickets for the tram. We found the station and we looked for the ticket booth but then we realized that the station was CLOSED!!! Then we looked for another station to find tickets. It was near our hotel. We bought tickets and then went to to the tram station. We took tram 22. We got off at the eleventh stop after we got on.Then we walked to Petrin hill.

Then we got our tickets scanned and got into the cable car. At the top, we got off and went to the rose garden and had lunch. Then we went to the mirror maze. We needed to pay before we went into the maze.

We went in and walked through it but it was very, very confusing to go through it because of all the mirrors and when we made it out, we found the room with the crazy mirrors. We looked tall, fat, skinny, wavy, and all kinds of funny shapes!

Then we went through the maze to get out because the other door was closed. Then we went to the house of art.

We saw a lot of art. It was like the house was made out of art. It had 3 floors.

After that, we went back to our hotel by tram. Then we got of the tram and walked back to our hotel. We had so much fun. Then


Did you know that my brother is a monkey? Here are 3 reasons why he is a monkey:

1) He acts like one. He does things like monkeys. He is really funny and does monkey stuff. He is the biggest monkey in the world.He is a funny monkey.

2) Everyone says he is a monkey. Almost everyone says things like “he is a monkey “or ” There is a monkey”. He is a good monkey. He is the 1st monkey I have ever seen.

3) He eats Bananas sometimes. Bananas are one of his favorite food. Sometimes he eats things with Bananas. He eats Bananas when he gets one.

This is why my brother is a monkey. STAY MONKEYS!

My 9TH Birthday Party

My 9th birthday party was at Sports House. I will tell you what I did.

First I drove to Sports House, and when I arrived, one of my friends had already got there, and I said hi to him. His name is Mason. Then I went to the jumpy house. A few minutes later, my friend Brian arrived.

Then my other friends arrived. My friend Aaron told me he got me a medium sized Nerf gun. Some of my other friends told me what they got me also. Finally, it was time to play Field Hockey. After 3 rounds, we played Dodgeball. My team won.

Then we had the cake. I got the first piece because I was the birthday boy.

On the cake were pictures of Bulbusoar, Charmander, and Squirtle. Also there was a toy Pikachu. When I finished my first piece of cake, I wanted more so I asked them for more, and they gave me another piece of cake. My dad and Gabi also ate the cake.

When I was done, I went to play. I went into the jumpy house again. I also played Tag inside there. Then I went into the other jumpy house. I jumped so much, I couldn’t move. Some of my friends had to leave. Mason was the last person to leave, and he was also the first person to arrive.

I had fun.

Driving a stick shift car in Prague

When I was in Prague, we were going to get a rental car, and when we arrived, we couldn’t find the office.

It took us 15 minutes to find the office. The office guy gave us keys. We got into the car and buckled. When my dad tried reversing the car, he relised the car was a stick shift car.

” This is stick shift!” dad said. We all got out of the car and dad went back to the office to get diffrent keys but they were not there because they went on their lunch break. Dad decided to drive the stick shift and give it back at the end of the day.

First, dad was not used to it. ” No talking until I get out of the parking space” said dad. ” ok, ” I said.

When my dad drove the car to the street he said we could talk. “What should we do at

amusement park?” I asked. “We will find out when we get there” said dad.

When we got there, we saw a trampoline that a lot of peole were on. Me and my brother got on. When were done, we went to the next thing. On the way, we saw swings with tires on them but they were all being used. We went to the playground.

On the playground, I went through 3 of the medal pipes, 1 on my own, 2 with my brother. The I went through a slide that to me and my brother under the playground.

We found our way out in 20 seconds. Then we went to the next thing which was the swing. my brother was in the middle. “Lets do something ealse” said dad. “Okay” I said.

Twin-hooks are like zip lines that go in the other direction once when it gets to the end. Me and my brother both did it.It is short. It is part of a mysterious playground.

We looked at the map. “Can we go to #11?” I asked. “Ok” dad said. We found #10 and right next to it was #11. # 11 had a lot of things! We did #10 first. Then we did # 11.

The volcano is number 10. It is a slide. You climb up and go to the slide. To climb up, you need to take of you socks ( if you are wearing socks.) It is Green and Yellow. It was hard to climb, I am warning you, my brother needed help. If you ever climb it, use the climbing part, and stick your hands on the ridges. One thing, don’t let your hands get red.

We had to go home. We walked to the car. Before we went home, we went to a restrant and got some food.Then we went home. We had our dinner at 7:00 from the kebabs place near the hanging umbrella man. Then we put on our PJs and brushed our teeth. Then we went to sleep.

We had a very fun day. I couldn’t wait for the next day!

Hello, world!

Hello, world! Hi 🙂

Adi likes robots and things. Like this one.

This new blog is his 2nd grade experiment 🙂