Book recommendations

I have two book recommendations. The first one is the Keeper of the Lost Cities series and the other one is the Wings of fire series. I really like both of these book series. I am going to tell you why.

Keeper of the Lost Cities

I think you should read Keeper of the Lost Cities because first of all, it is about friendship. The main character, Sophie, makes a lot of friends in this book. She hangs out with them a lot and they help her in many ways like helping her study.

Another reason I like it is because there are a lot of surprises within the series. For example, Sophie was told that her adopted parents’ daughter died in a fire by accident but it turned out that the fire that killed their daughter was intentional. The people who started the fire wanted their daughter to die.

My third reason is that there are so many challenges in the story. For example, when Sophie has to face many tribunals, each time you might get the feeling that it isn’t going to end well for Sophie. Also, when she is drugged and kidnapped, you don’t know what is going to happen to her. She might escape, she might get too weak from the being drugged that she might not survive, or anything else you predict.

I think this is why Keeper of the Lost Cities is a good book series

Wings of Fire

I think you should read Wings of Fire because it is about dragons. There are seven different dragon tribes. They are RainWings, SandWings, SeaWings, NightWings, SkyWings, MudWings, and IceWings. If you like dragons, here is a reason to read it.

Another reason that the Wings of Fire series is a good book series is because in each book, each dragon has an adventure of their own. In the first book, it is about how the five dragonets escape and the second one is about how the SeaWing dragonet finally gets to meet her mother. Aren’t they two different adventures?

Third, it has a few mysteries in it. I don’t want to spoil any of them but if you like mysteries, though, then here is the series that has mysteries.

Another reason is because the series has a lot of things and dragons that seem to have gone away but turn out to have been around the whole time. For example, there was a NightWing-IceWing hybrid dragon named Darkstalker who was put in sleeping for 2,000 years and everyone thought he was gone, but one day he showed up again and everyone was afraid of him. Another example was when everyone found out that the NightWing powers were gone, they thought that none of the NightWings had them, but in the 6th book, there was a NightWing named Moonwatcher (who prefers Moon) had the long lost powers and when some dragons found out, they were scared of her for a while, but they stopped eventually being scared.

Wings of Fire is a good book series. I like it a lot. It is my favorite book series. I hope you like it, too, if you ever read it. I hope you like Keeper of the Lost Cities as well.

These are two good book series that I think you should read. If you do, I hope you like them.

Creating a youtube channel

I have created a youtube channel in 2020. I made it about Roblox. I play it when my mom lets me and that is when I make videos and put them on youtube. I play all kinds of things on Roblox. Here is the channel. I have 9 videos at this moment.

When I play

I am play every alternating Tuesday with my brother and friend. Today is one of those days. When I play, I am going to create a video our of part of and put it on my channel. Sometimes, I play when I am finished with my dinner and I am waiting for my mom to finish brushing her teeth. I usually play with my brother and that is when I make the videos.

How I make the videos

I have a setting on my iPad called screen recording. I usually click that to start and end my videos. It is only on an iPad as far as I know. You have to swipe down from the top and it will be the circle outlined in a bigger circle. If you don’t have it, go to Settings. Then go to control center and it will be the one that says screen recording on it.

How did I create the channel that is on youtube?

I went onto youtube, logged onto my account, clicked my icon, and clicked create a channel. Then, it showed me an empty channel without videos. Then I started making videos! Not many people have seen my videos yet. Only a few people have.

How did I get the idea of making a channel?

I got the idea because I wanted to help people play Roblox. I thought Roblox is kind of a popular game and. Then I thought, I have to make videos, but how? Let me think of some websites that — I got an idea. Youtube! I could use Youtube. I logged onto youtube when I realized I didn’t know how to make a channel. I clicked on my icon and I saw the button for it. Then I clicked it and it took me to the newly made channel!

How did I know that I could use the screen record button?

Earlier in the school year, I was doing a flipgrid video on my iPad as an assignment. I didn’t have a mac. I was in a google meet separate from my class. There aren’t breakout rooms on Google Meet, so my teacher made the separate meet links. I went in and I saw my friend Austin there. We logged onto the flipgrid and we read the instructions. We clicked the record button and I saw that there wasn’t a button to show my screen. I was annoyed. I thought JUST BECAUSE THIS IS AN IPAD DOESN‘T MEAN THERE SHOULDNT BE THE RECORD BUTTON! I told Austin. He told me that if I went to control Center in the Settings app in Settings, I could find a share screen button. He showed me on his phone and I eventually found it. In the end, it didn’t work, but I thanked him and found another way to do it. I wondered what I could use it for. I didn’t use it for months until I started using it for my youtube channel. (Thanks Austin!) Until I started using it for my youtube channel, I was wondering what I could use it for, even though I only used it once in between. I used it to record my mom checking my homework that day. Ever since I never used it until my youtube channel.

Why do I just do Roblox and not Minecraft, even though I have Minecraft?

Minecraft is only about exploring and building while Roblox is about much more. If you have played both Minecraft and Roblox, you will see how much better Roblox is compared to Minecraft, but if you compared Roblox to something like Rocket League, then it might be different for everyone. Rocket League compared to Roblox would be, maybe Roblox is better because of how they were made and how many things you can do, while in Rocket League it only Soccer. That’s why there are no videos of Minecraft on my youtube channel.

Have I ever recorded myself changing my avatar before?

No, but I am planning to. I think I might make the video and then put it on my channel later in the month. When I do, you will see me change one of my older avatars into my current avatar. I have both of the avatars saved, but I thought I might show you how to change the newb avatar into an avatar that you actually want. If you have less than 5 robux, then you should probably get things for free. The cheapest things that aren’t free cost 5 robux, if you include free items, the cheapest is free.

Why do I play Roblox of all games?

Here’s my answer: How easy is it to create an account on other games? How much money does it cost? When will I play? Is it online? Will it save? Can my account get hacked? When I start playing, I might just say, “BOOOOOOOORRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Ok there you go. That’s all about my youtube channel! I hope that you put a like on my videos and subscribe!

I have started Taekwondo!

Recently, I have started going to Taekwondo. I don’t remember the date I started but I have been doing it for a month or two. I don’t have my belt or uniform yet, but I am going today and I will get it today. I know a few moves: The axe kick, front snap kick and the basic thingy.  I am still learning the basic thingy but I know the first two moves of it. I haven’t gotten to much else.

I started to go to Taekwondo because I watched the Karate Kid movies. I have watched all four of them. My brother thinks the Crane Kick is legal, but isn’t. Anyway, I watched the Karate Kid movies, and then I was like, ” I wanna learn Taekwondo” and now I am. The first belt is the white belt, and I am one. In my class, half the group are white belts. The other half are yellow belts.

My brother is always like, “I am going to go to the black belt,” but I doubt he knows there is a test before black belt, but I have the feeling he might not get it. I might stop at the green belt and then go back a year later, but I also might just keep going all the way through at once. I skipped a class, so I don’t know as much Taekwondo as my brother. I just don’t know 1 move that I should have known, because they only teach 1 move per class.

Once, there was this time where the whole 30 minutes, they just did exercises with us and no new moves. It was so weird. By the time we were done, my back had grass on it and I was so tired. My brother said, “Now can I faint?” when he didn’t even faint. He always does that thing where when he is tired, he says, ” I am going to faint. uhhhhhhh.” and then just tilts his head to the side. Then I roll my eyes because it is kind of weird. He does a lot of things that are either weird, dumb, or things that bother me. After he said that, he started bothering me as usual.

I still have a lot to do in Taekwondo. I am going to aim for a green belt for now, but some day, I will get a black belt!

My Tahoe trip

     One day, my family took my brother and me to Tahoe. It took so long to get there. I brought my book with me. So did my brother, Arjun. He brought a Dog Man book. I brought Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick rules. It was so funny. When we arrived at Tahoe downtown, we drove to our airbnb that we would be staying at for the weekend. By then, I finished my book. When we got inside, we put our suitcases away and did what we needed to do, like cooking and showering. 

     On Saturday, we had our snowboarding class. When we arrived, we got our snowboards. Then, we went to the are that we would be learning to snowboard. We met our instructor when we were putting our snowboards on. His name was Gage. First, we rode the lift up to the top of the shorter mountain. Then, Gage told us that the first thing that we needed to learn was heel stop. I went first. I tried it. When I stopped, I fell. When my brother tried it, he also fell. We both learned a trick to stand up; to turn to our tummy and then stand up. It was easier that way. After doing a few more rounds of it, we went inside and drank hot cocoa. We told jokes while we were. We mostly told knock knock jokes. Then, we went out for snowboarding again. 

     After sometime of practice, I finally did it. I did it again. I did it again. The next time, I fell. The next time, I tried it but I fell. I tried it a few more times. I fell the first time; the second time I didn’t; the third time I did; and then the last time I didn’t. When we went back up the hill on the lift, I learned a new thing called the toe stop. Arjun was still doing the heel stop though. The heel stop was a thing where you are on a snowboard and you want to stop, you put your heels into the snow and stop the snowboard. The toe stop was the exact same thing except you use your heels. After practicing I figured how to do the heel stop. When we finished,  we had lunch and went went to our airbnb. 


     The next day, we went to the same place as the day before for skiing. We had a different instructor. While we were putting on our skis, we saw Gage. When we went outside, we found our instructor. This time, instead of going to the lift we were on the day before, we were on a different lift. It was on a different mountain. It was smaller than the one we were on the day before. Like the day before, we learned how to stop, but it was different that stopping while you are on a snowboard. We were supposed to make a triangle. It was easy to do, but when I fell, it was hard for me to stand up. My instructor helped me stand. When we stopped a few times, we went to the hill we went to the day before. We were doing the same thing we did at the smaller hill. We were practicing for a long time. Eventually, we got a break. My group were mostly sliding down the hill on our backs. After a few minutes, we continued our skiing practice. After 1 1/2 hour, we finished our class and we went to the spot where we waited for our parents. Gabi came and picked us up like the day before. We had lunch and went home.

     Hours later, our airbnb host showed us how to turn the fire place on. We had 3 Hershey bars, 2 packs of marshmallows, and 1 box of gram crackers. We made stores out of them. They were so good. 

     The next day, we packed up all of our stuff and went home. It took us the same distance, but on a different way to get home. We saw Lake Tahoe on our way. It was so cool. When we got back home, I felt tired. I felt like sleeping for a little while. This is what I did on my trip.



my trip to Oakland zoo

One day I went to Oakland. I did lots of things but I will tell you about going to the Oakland zoo. I had my camera with me so I took lots of pictures! 

First, I looked at the flamingos. I took a picture of them. Some of them were on 1 leg but some were on 2 legs. Then I went to the chimpanzees. there were 2 of them. I took a picture of one of there hands. It was cool. The next animal was in the territory right next to the chimpanzees. It was a parrot. it was just sitting on a log. there were so many trees. 

Next, I saw a lion. It was huge! I don’t remember how many lions there were. we also saw a black bear. It was brown, not black! Then, I saw tigers. There used to be 5, but now there are 4 tigers. 1died. they have names. I just can’t remember.  Then I saw giraffes. There were 6 of them. There were antelopes in there area. Then we went on a cable-car. I saw a lot of stuff after the trees cleared. You could even see Oakland airport. Then, I had lunch and everything else.


Then, saw a black bear. It was brown, not black! Also,there were non-stop animals! Then, we saw a show; an interesting show. There were 3 people running the show. They showed a ferret, and 2 snakes. They even gave people a survey fro do at the end of the show. Then, we saw the rest of the animals like the wolves and went home.

I think I had fun on my trip to the Oakland zoo. especially the cable-car!





                                                                                                                                                                                                                            THE END!                                                     

Why I like the Jonas Brothers

The first time I heard a song by the Jonas brothers was in my mom’s car. It was called Cool. The second one I heard was called Sucker. They were both good ones; but one day, I heard a song called Only Human. liked that the most. 

I was there!

Then, about a year after I heard Only human, I heard another really good song called Rollercoaster. That was better than Only Human. Only Human was boring then! One week later, I heard a song called Comeback. I liked that song also. 

I will now tell you the list of the songs I heard in order:

1 Cool  2 Sucker  3 Only Human 4 Rollercoaster  5 Comeback   


These are all the songs I know so far by the Jonas Brothers! Maybe you will listen to these songs one day, maybe even more than one. But even if you do listen to just one, I hope you enjoy it!

Baseball, and the backyard

Today, I had baseball practice. I had to go to at 11:00. We got everything ready and went to the park that my team was at.

We did 3 things. The first thing we did was pass the ball to someone. That was the warm-up game. The second thing we did was practice catching the ball and throwing it to first base. We did that for about 10 minutes. The third thing we did was practice hitting the ball.

Then, the coach said that practice was over, so I got everything and went to my dad and waited for Arjun and Gabi. 2 minutes later, they came and we packed our stuff. We went to our car and put the things in the trunk. I put my baseball stuff in a green bag that held all of my baseball things.

Just before going home, we bought some stuff to eat from Mollie Stones. We bought soup, chocolate coins, ice cream, and some meat. It was a yummy steak that I am eating tonight. Then we went to the paying counter, payed for the stuff, went to the car and put everything in the trunk. Then we drove home.

At home, we had lunch. We had it in the backyard.We had chicken, rice, the soup and some orange slices. I liked the chicken wings the most. After lunch, I was really full so I walked around the yard for a bit.

Once I was less full, I wanted to try our new electric lawn mower. Everything was going well until the cord connecting the power system and the lawn mower broke into six pieces. I had to pick them all up. No one was helping and Arjun was watching me. I was sad because I was doing it all by my self. I learned that I should be careful with that machine.

After I finished picking them up and I had thrown it away, Gabi found mushrooms! We were going to take them out and throw them away when my dad called my name and brought me upstairs. He gave me the iPad and I started writing about what I did today.

Diary of a goofy kid


Thursdaytoday after school, I read my book from the library foe thirty minutes

Then we thought of a joke and asked him to do it to Gabi. Then he went into the room Gabi was in, and my brother licked Gabi!

Me and my dad laughed and laughed.

Saturday– Today, I went to play Basketball. In basketball, I was playing knockout and I won the 1st round. Also, I practiced getting the ball into the hoop.


Sunday Today I had to go to the school talent show. My theme was ” Harry Potter.” After the talent show, I went to my mom’s house. I ate chipati’s and gravy. I liked it. Then I read my book. It’s called ” I survived: The sinking of the Titanic.” Then, I did stuff on an app called Hopscotch. Then, I started my kefir project. I took pictures( that was fun). Then, I read my book.



This morning, my brother had a baseball game. I don’t know the details, but he told me his team won. Also, I had a BasketBall class. At 2:00, me and my brother had a swimming class to go to. I think I finished at 2:30. My brothers class started a 2:15. So his ended At 2:45. Last week, I had this weird guy as my swimming instructor. It looked like he didn’t have much money. Today my regular teacher was there( he looks like multimillionaire.)

Right after that, I had to play in a Baseball game. I changed my clothes in the lockers at the pool.My team are the Astros. We played From 3:00-4:00. My team was playing against the Giants. My team won: 14-17.

When I came home, I went to the bathroom and took a bath that had really HOT water. Then I went into the kitchen and asked Gabi for chocolate. She said “yes”. The kind that we had was shaped in a triangle.

I started writing on my blog. It was what I did today. 😀

I got the blog ready for tomorrow when I noticed the time. It said 5:55. I notice lots of double numbers. For example, I see 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 88, and, 99. Also I see triple didget numbers like 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, and 999. Then, I did my Kefir project. Then I practiced tieing my shoes. Then I came up and fixed my blog post. I had a cup of warm milk.


Today, we went to Great Meadows Park. It is in San Francisco. We saw Bernie Sanders. Before that, we heard so many people make speeches. Some were really long!

After the 30th person came, I was mad that it was not Bernie Sanders. Some people started chanting: ” Bernie, Bernie”. Soon, I started chanting his name, too. Finally when he came, I wasn’t so mad that it wasn’t someone else. When I got tired, we left the park. It felt like were there for 3 hours. After we got to Burlingame, we went to Yogartland. I got 2 flavors.

When I came home, I took a bath without bubbles. Before, putting soap, I went into the shower. THEN I put soap. After the shower I did homework. It was hard; I had to check it 4 times.



This morning, I had a baseball ⚾️ practice that I went to. My team practiced 2 things. The first thing we did was practicing to catch the ball throw it to first base. The second thing we did was practice hitting the ball. I liked hitting the ball better than catching it.

When I got home, I was tired and hungry. We went to Mollie Stones and bought soup to eat with our lunch. We had rice, chicken, orange slices, and the soup we bought. Then I wanted to try using the new electric lawn mower but before long, the cord broke. Then I had to pick up all of the broken parts of the cord and no one was helping me. I was sad that I had to do it by myself.

The Adventures of PurpleYogi and LittleYogi – I

I have an uncle who is really fun. He is funny, and some times talks in Gibberish. He loves meditation, and his name is PurpleYogi.

One day, monsters were attacking the city! PurpleYogi started looking for the monsters. Just when PurpleYogi found the monsters, LittleYogi was already there. LittleYogi was flying in the air when he was hit by one of the monsters. “I need to attack the monsters” said PurpleYogi. He started flying and went close enough to attack the monsters but he didn’t hit the monster he wanted to attack. He tried again but the monsters dodged it. PurpleYogi saw LittleYogi flying over to help him.

The monsters ran away and hid behind a building. LittleYogi used his monster detector to find the monsters. 1 hour, 15 minutes, and 30 seconds later, they found the monsters and then they battled them. At the end, only 1 monster was left but it ran away. 1 minute later, this last monster was found. The monster got hit once by PurpleYogi and once by LittleYogi. After they both attacked once, the monster was too hurt to attack so it was never seen again.

“Thanks”, PurpleYogi and LittleYogi said together. “I’ll see you soon”, said PurpleYogi. They said bye and went home.