Creating a youtube channel

I have created a youtube channel in 2020. I made it about Roblox. I play it when my mom lets me and that is when I make videos and put them on youtube. I play all kinds of things on Roblox. Here is the channel. I have 9 videos at this moment.

When I play

I am play every alternating Tuesday with my brother and friend. Today is one of those days. When I play, I am going to create a video our of part of and put it on my channel. Sometimes, I play when I am finished with my dinner and I am waiting for my mom to finish brushing her teeth. I usually play with my brother and that is when I make the videos.

How I make the videos

I have a setting on my iPad called screen recording. I usually click that to start and end my videos. It is only on an iPad as far as I know. You have to swipe down from the top and it will be the circle outlined in a bigger circle. If you don’t have it, go to Settings. Then go to control center and it will be the one that says screen recording on it.

How did I create the channel that is on youtube?

I went onto youtube, logged onto my account, clicked my icon, and clicked create a channel. Then, it showed me an empty channel without videos. Then I started making videos! Not many people have seen my videos yet. Only a few people have.

How did I get the idea of making a channel?

I got the idea because I wanted to help people play Roblox. I thought Roblox is kind of a popular game and. Then I thought, I have to make videos, but how? Let me think of some websites that — I got an idea. Youtube! I could use Youtube. I logged onto youtube when I realized I didn’t know how to make a channel. I clicked on my icon and I saw the button for it. Then I clicked it and it took me to the newly made channel!

How did I know that I could use the screen record button?

Earlier in the school year, I was doing a flipgrid video on my iPad as an assignment. I didn’t have a mac. I was in a google meet separate from my class. There aren’t breakout rooms on Google Meet, so my teacher made the separate meet links. I went in and I saw my friend Austin there. We logged onto the flipgrid and we read the instructions. We clicked the record button and I saw that there wasn’t a button to show my screen. I was annoyed. I thought JUST BECAUSE THIS IS AN IPAD DOESN‘T MEAN THERE SHOULDNT BE THE RECORD BUTTON! I told Austin. He told me that if I went to control Center in the Settings app in Settings, I could find a share screen button. He showed me on his phone and I eventually found it. In the end, it didn’t work, but I thanked him and found another way to do it. I wondered what I could use it for. I didn’t use it for months until I started using it for my youtube channel. (Thanks Austin!) Until I started using it for my youtube channel, I was wondering what I could use it for, even though I only used it once in between. I used it to record my mom checking my homework that day. Ever since I never used it until my youtube channel.

Why do I just do Roblox and not Minecraft, even though I have Minecraft?

Minecraft is only about exploring and building while Roblox is about much more. If you have played both Minecraft and Roblox, you will see how much better Roblox is compared to Minecraft, but if you compared Roblox to something like Rocket League, then it might be different for everyone. Rocket League compared to Roblox would be, maybe Roblox is better because of how they were made and how many things you can do, while in Rocket League it only Soccer. That’s why there are no videos of Minecraft on my youtube channel.

Have I ever recorded myself changing my avatar before?

No, but I am planning to. I think I might make the video and then put it on my channel later in the month. When I do, you will see me change one of my older avatars into my current avatar. I have both of the avatars saved, but I thought I might show you how to change the newb avatar into an avatar that you actually want. If you have less than 5 robux, then you should probably get things for free. The cheapest things that aren’t free cost 5 robux, if you include free items, the cheapest is free.

Why do I play Roblox of all games?

Here’s my answer: How easy is it to create an account on other games? How much money does it cost? When will I play? Is it online? Will it save? Can my account get hacked? When I start playing, I might just say, “BOOOOOOOORRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Ok there you go. That’s all about my youtube channel! I hope that you put a like on my videos and subscribe!

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