I have started Taekwondo!

Recently, I have started going to Taekwondo. I don’t remember the date I started but I have been doing it for a month or two. I don’t have my belt or uniform yet, but I am going today and I will get it today. I know a few moves: The axe kick, front snap kick and the basic thingy.  I am still learning the basic thingy but I know the first two moves of it. I haven’t gotten to much else.

I started to go to Taekwondo because I watched the Karate Kid movies. I have watched all four of them. My brother thinks the Crane Kick is legal, but isn’t. Anyway, I watched the Karate Kid movies, and then I was like, ” I wanna learn Taekwondo” and now I am. The first belt is the white belt, and I am one. In my class, half the group are white belts. The other half are yellow belts.

My brother is always like, “I am going to go to the black belt,” but I doubt he knows there is a test before black belt, but I have the feeling he might not get it. I might stop at the green belt and then go back a year later, but I also might just keep going all the way through at once. I skipped a class, so I don’t know as much Taekwondo as my brother. I just don’t know 1 move that I should have known, because they only teach 1 move per class.

Once, there was this time where the whole 30 minutes, they just did exercises with us and no new moves. It was so weird. By the time we were done, my back had grass on it and I was so tired. My brother said, “Now can I faint?” when he didn’t even faint. He always does that thing where when he is tired, he says, ” I am going to faint. uhhhhhhh.” and then just tilts his head to the side. Then I roll my eyes because it is kind of weird. He does a lot of things that are either weird, dumb, or things that bother me. After he said that, he started bothering me as usual.

I still have a lot to do in Taekwondo. I am going to aim for a green belt for now, but some day, I will get a black belt!

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