my trip to Oakland zoo

One day I went to Oakland. I did lots of things but I will tell you about going to the Oakland zoo. I had my camera with me so I took lots of pictures! 

First, I looked at the flamingos. I took a picture of them. Some of them were on 1 leg but some were on 2 legs. Then I went to the chimpanzees. there were 2 of them. I took a picture of one of there hands. It was cool. The next animal was in the territory right next to the chimpanzees. It was a parrot. it was just sitting on a log. there were so many trees. 

Next, I saw a lion. It was huge! I don’t remember how many lions there were. we also saw a black bear. It was brown, not black! Then, I saw tigers. There used to be 5, but now there are 4 tigers. 1died. they have names. I just can’t remember.  Then I saw giraffes. There were 6 of them. There were antelopes in there area. Then we went on a cable-car. I saw a lot of stuff after the trees cleared. You could even see Oakland airport. Then, I had lunch and everything else.


Then, saw a black bear. It was brown, not black! Also,there were non-stop animals! Then, we saw a show; an interesting show. There were 3 people running the show. They showed a ferret, and 2 snakes. They even gave people a survey fro do at the end of the show. Then, we saw the rest of the animals like the wolves and went home.

I think I had fun on my trip to the Oakland zoo. especially the cable-car!





                                                                                                                                                                                                                            THE END!                                                     

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