Diary of a goofy kid


Thursdaytoday after school, I read my book from the library foe thirty minutes

Then we thought of a joke and asked him to do it to Gabi. Then he went into the room Gabi was in, and my brother licked Gabi!

Me and my dad laughed and laughed.

Saturday– Today, I went to play Basketball. In basketball, I was playing knockout and I won the 1st round. Also, I practiced getting the ball into the hoop.


Sunday Today I had to go to the school talent show. My theme was ” Harry Potter.” After the talent show, I went to my mom’s house. I ate chipati’s and gravy. I liked it. Then I read my book. It’s called ” I survived: The sinking of the Titanic.” Then, I did stuff on an app called Hopscotch. Then, I started my kefir project. I took pictures( that was fun). Then, I read my book.



This morning, my brother had a baseball game. I don’t know the details, but he told me his team won. Also, I had a BasketBall class. At 2:00, me and my brother had a swimming class to go to. I think I finished at 2:30. My brothers class started a 2:15. So his ended At 2:45. Last week, I had this weird guy as my swimming instructor. It looked like he didn’t have much money. Today my regular teacher was there( he looks like multimillionaire.)

Right after that, I had to play in a Baseball game. I changed my clothes in the lockers at the pool.My team are the Astros. We played From 3:00-4:00. My team was playing against the Giants. My team won: 14-17.

When I came home, I went to the bathroom and took a bath that had really HOT water. Then I went into the kitchen and asked Gabi for chocolate. She said “yes”. The kind that we had was shaped in a triangle.

I started writing on my blog. It was what I did today. 😀

I got the blog ready for tomorrow when I noticed the time. It said 5:55. I notice lots of double numbers. For example, I see 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 88, and, 99. Also I see triple didget numbers like 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, and 999. Then, I did my Kefir project. Then I practiced tieing my shoes. Then I came up and fixed my blog post. I had a cup of warm milk.


Today, we went to Great Meadows Park. It is in San Francisco. We saw Bernie Sanders. Before that, we heard so many people make speeches. Some were really long!

After the 30th person came, I was mad that it was not Bernie Sanders. Some people started chanting: ” Bernie, Bernie”. Soon, I started chanting his name, too. Finally when he came, I wasn’t so mad that it wasn’t someone else. When I got tired, we left the park. It felt like were there for 3 hours. After we got to Burlingame, we went to Yogartland. I got 2 flavors.

When I came home, I took a bath without bubbles. Before, putting soap, I went into the shower. THEN I put soap. After the shower I did homework. It was hard; I had to check it 4 times.



This morning, I had a baseball ⚾️ practice that I went to. My team practiced 2 things. The first thing we did was practicing to catch the ball throw it to first base. The second thing we did was practice hitting the ball. I liked hitting the ball better than catching it.

When I got home, I was tired and hungry. We went to Mollie Stones and bought soup to eat with our lunch. We had rice, chicken, orange slices, and the soup we bought. Then I wanted to try using the new electric lawn mower but before long, the cord broke. Then I had to pick up all of the broken parts of the cord and no one was helping me. I was sad that I had to do it by myself.

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