Driving a stick shift car in Prague

When I was in Prague, we were going to get a rental car, and when we arrived, we couldn’t find the office.

It took us 15 minutes to find the office. The office guy gave us keys. We got into the car and buckled. When my dad tried reversing the car, he relised the car was a stick shift car.

” This is stick shift!” dad said. We all got out of the car and dad went back to the office to get diffrent keys but they were not there because they went on their lunch break. Dad decided to drive the stick shift and give it back at the end of the day.

First, dad was not used to it. ” No talking until I get out of the parking space” said dad. ” ok, ” I said.

When my dad drove the car to the street he said we could talk. “What should we do at

amusement park?” I asked. “We will find out when we get there” said dad.

When we got there, we saw a trampoline that a lot of peole were on. Me and my brother got on. When were done, we went to the next thing. On the way, we saw swings with tires on them but they were all being used. We went to the playground.

On the playground, I went through 3 of the medal pipes, 1 on my own, 2 with my brother. The I went through a slide that to me and my brother under the playground.

We found our way out in 20 seconds. Then we went to the next thing which was the swing. my brother was in the middle. “Lets do something ealse” said dad. “Okay” I said.

Twin-hooks are like zip lines that go in the other direction once when it gets to the end. Me and my brother both did it.It is short. It is part of a mysterious playground.

We looked at the map. “Can we go to #11?” I asked. “Ok” dad said. We found #10 and right next to it was #11. # 11 had a lot of things! We did #10 first. Then we did # 11.

The volcano is number 10. It is a slide. You climb up and go to the slide. To climb up, you need to take of you socks ( if you are wearing socks.) It is Green and Yellow. It was hard to climb, I am warning you, my brother needed help. If you ever climb it, use the climbing part, and stick your hands on the ridges. One thing, don’t let your hands get red.

We had to go home. We walked to the car. Before we went home, we went to a restrant and got some food.Then we went home. We had our dinner at 7:00 from the kebabs place near the hanging umbrella man. Then we put on our PJs and brushed our teeth. Then we went to sleep.

We had a very fun day. I couldn’t wait for the next day!

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