Octomonkey and his favorite snacks


There was a monkey named Octomonkey and he liked bananas. He was called Octomonkey because of his 8 tails.


One day, he ran out of bananas. He went to Trader Joes but they had no bananas. he went to Mollie stones but there were no bananas there either.

Then he went to the banana store and there were 5,000 bananas. He took 3 bananas. He paid for them, put them in his car, and took them home. The next day, he had his 3 bananas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The next day he got 9 bananas because he thought of eating 3 bananas for each meal. That’s what he did. At Breakfast he ate 3 bananas. At lunch he ate 3 again.


At dinner, he ate a banana sandwich with slices of the 3 bananas.

The next day he ate mice. He was tired of bananas.




Octomonkey bought some mice. He made into a sandwich.

He decided to eat it every day.


The end.

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